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Remote Business Accounting Services and Online Finance Solutions

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Virtual Accounting, bookkeeping, billing and payroll services

We believe there are better ways to run your small business. While energy, passion, and long hours drive your business growth, a common and major inhibitor of business growth is getting distracted with administrative tasks which take away from providing the services and products that truly grow your business. Spending time on the tedium of business operations; payroll, general accounting, bookkeeping, billing, time spent away from creation, development, sales, and building on your long-term vision. Getting caught up in the daily clutter ultimately impacts your bottom line. Our goal is to create affordable administrative solutions for small business that follow big business best practices, simplify operations, enhance management reporting and improve profitability. We’ll save you time and take cost out of operating your small business and return it to you every day; transforming your business by providing a comprehensive enterprise level ERP outsourced solution. Searching for a better way to run your back-office operations and save money on internal infrastructure? TAG™ ... we're it.

TAG™-FAO is unlike any other finance and accounting outsourced (FAO) solution. TAG™-FAO brings together better people, better software, and better processing to assist you with a complete range of accurate, cost effective and detailed services; an entire pre-built back-office managed remotely by professional CFOs, CPAs and consultants who interact every day with your business. TAG™-FAO is a cloud-based finance and accounting outsourced service that becomes your company’s virtual back office.

Our goal is identical to yours – the highest level of profitable operations for your company packaged in a cost effective solution for a maximum return on your investment. Our skilled, experienced certified professional accountants, experienced former chief financial officers, and consultants have designed and built a state-of-the-art ERP software processing engine for small business to create a simple, efficient, clutter-free work environment. TAG™-FAO includes the professional staff and expertise to process financial transactions every day and provide you consistent, timely reporting. TAG™-FAO truly is better people, better software, better processing. TAG™-FAO was designed to provide the highest level of financial service to quickly expanding small to mid-sized businesses. Being pre-built, we are ready to provide you support today. Conversion is simple, fast, and most importantly – not disruptive to your on-going operations.

The foundation of TAG™-FAO is our groundbreaking transaction processor technology which enables clients to remotely transmit financial data for accounting and reporting purposes. A secure virtual environment for your business’s accounting allows your data to be handled by TAG™-FAO’s highly skilled group of professionals; fully-insured, thoroughly trained and completely dedicated. TAG™-FAO people are the experts, we run the software for you. We provide the highest level of financial service on a nearly immediate basis. All work is conducted with total confidentiality and total security. Our clients have complete control of their finances, with accurate and timely accounting, operations, and financial information available on-demand through our cloud-based secure portal. Greater control and access to information for your small business through an outsourced financial solution IS simply faster with TAG™.

For more information, contact TAG™-FAO now for a comprehensive review of your financial system and move your small business toward its most profitable future.