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The Origins of TAG™-FAO, Finance and Accounting Outsource Done Right

Virtual Bookkeeping, remote CFO, online payment processing and payroll servicesThe Attilio Group, LLC, is a finance and accounting outsourcing firm for small businesses based in Racine, Wisconsin, and formed in 2007. At our core, we are a highly experienced accounting firm with an innovative software and proprietary methodology known as The TAG™-FAO Solution or “TAG™”. In the simplest of terms, TAG™ is an affordable administrative solution providing small businesses the same financial best practices as Fortune 500 companies. Our outsourced back office capabilities can support businesses across the country.

The TAG™-FAO Solution has been successfully implemented into a variety of small businesses to simplify operations, enhance management reporting, and improve company profitability. In short, we help businesses focus on what matters most: growing the business!

Our Financial and Accounting Team

The company’s nucleus is comprised of a group of business men and women, small business owners, CPAs, and other professionals with decades of financial and accounting experience. We are dedicated to a common business philosophy of simplification, efficiency, and “perfect” communication to optimize the business environment for small businesses. We lower costs by standardizing methods, enhancing communication and through the accuracy and efficiency of our transaction processing team of experts.

The Attilio Group partners with a wide range of growing, small businesses with annual operations between startup and $100 million. Our “best fit” customer companies feature forward-thinking small business owners seeking to embrace technology and proven methodologies to enhance their operations in order to fuel business growth.

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