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Online Employee Time Tracking for Small Business

online employee time tracking servicesAccurate time tracking by project is critical to effectively manage your workforce, conduct proper job costing, and generate timely and accurate customer invoices. Outsourcing time tracking activities to TAG™-FAO allows your business to easily monitor employee time usage, tasks, and projects. At a glance, you can view you projects real-time to assess the productivity and profitability of every job. We combine better people, better software, and better processing to ensure all project-related and financial data is processed accurately and efficiently. At TAG™ we believe that as a small business owner, your time and resources are best invested in growing your business! Our affordable virtual time tracking and FAO services allow you to do just that, keeping your small business on track to a profitable and successful financial future.

Benefits of virtual time tracking include:

Equip your business with the big business advantage – affordably!

Simply Faster solutions to small business accounting, purchasing, invoicing, billing, bookkeeping, time tracking


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