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Virtual Payroll and Outsourced HR Services Are a Win-Win for Small Business

Virtual payroll and outsourced HR servicesAs a small business owner, your time and resources are best invested in growing your business – not handling tedious administrative tasks like payroll. TAG™ partners with Heartland Payment Systems, the industry-leading payroll and HR outsourcer.  The TAG™-FAO payroll and HR services with Heartland virtually manages all necessary tasks associated with paying your employees, including complete payroll processing, employee forms, direct deposit, garnishments, tax reporting and filing. TAG™-FAO and Heartland can even provide your small business with a Human Resources specialist, tailored employee handbooks, regulatory compliance education, benefit administration, retirement services, and more!

The TAG™ goal is to create administrative solutions for small businesses, following big business best-practices to simplify your operations and improve profitability. Through the TAG™ partnership with Heartland, we offer the highest quality payroll and comprehensive HR services at the best possible pricing, integrated seamlessly into the TAG™ finance and accounting software. With our outsourced payroll service you'll:

TAG™-FAO allows owners and key managers to conveniently access payroll and financial data online anywhere, at any time. For a better way to run your back-office operations while saving time and money: TAG™…we’re it.

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