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The Virtual CFO: A Cost-Effective Small Business Accounting and Finance Solution

Virtual CFO for stategic financial decision assistance for your small business from experienced financial professionalsHaving CFO (Chief Financial Officer) expertise to provide strong financial oversight is an important asset for any growing business.    This type of expertise is typically too expensive for a small business owner to have in-house on staff. Thanks to TAG™-FAO, you don’t have to be a big company to receive strategic financial decision assistance from an experienced CFO! We believe every business deserves the same access to financial guidance and expertise as Fortune 500 companies. When you team with TAG™, your business is provided with a wide breadth of cost-effective finance and accounting services, previously not available to small businesses.

TAG™-FAO virtual CFOs are highly trained, experienced financial professionals, dedicated to helping your business succeed. Since our financial professionals work with your business on a daily basis, our virtual CFOs can proactively identify areas to save you money while improving cash flow. With TAG™-FAO your business truly gets big business expertise with small business pricing.

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