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Improve Small Business Cash Flow and Securely Store Documents with TAG™ Virtual Invoicing

Virtual invoicing for small businesses and other outsourced finanical and accounting services fast and secureUsing a combination of better people, better software, and better processing, TAG™-FAO takes the hassle out of small business customer billing and invoicing while improving your cash flow.  All the financial information necessary to generate billing for your unique business is readily available to generate accurate, comprehensive, and timely invoices to ensure you are capturing revenue as quickly as possible.  The TAG™-FAO Cloud archives all paperwork including contracts, invoices, time sheets, and receipts for accurate and efficient automated document storage and retrieval. Securely access your business accounting and financial information online anywhere, any time!

Benefits of Virtual Invoicing:


Simply Faster solutions to small business accounting, purchasing, invoicing, billing, bookkeeping, time tracking


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