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Virtual Purchasing Allows Small Businesses to Automate Purchase Orders, Payment Processing and Manage Inventory

Virtual purchasing for vendor orders, inventory management, payment processing and online data monitoringTAG™-FAO virtual purchasing support allows your business to automate vendor orders, inventory management, payment processing, vendor invoice reconciliation, and online data monitoring. Your TAG™ Account Rep will help you tailor an automated purchasing process with the necessary forms, routing and approval procedures.  Since the TAG™-FAO portal is a cloud-based system, all of your statement and payment documents are automatically archived. Easily retrieve contracts, invoices, receipts, and other purchasing paperwork. The TAG™ Business Cloud uses industry-standard SSL encryption to ensure optimal data security for all virtual purchasing and transaction processes.

Virtual purchasing benefits include:

Small businesses CAN have the same access to financial tools as Fortune 500 companies with TAG™-FAO.

Simply Faster solutions to small business accounting, purchasing, invoicing, billing, bookkeeping, time tracking

Equip your small business with virtual purchasing power and automate your payment processing today!