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The Best Accounting and Finance Solution for Small Business Is TAG™-FAO

FAO services for small businesses with secure cloud based business platformTAG™-FAO combines better people, better software, and better processing to provide a wide breadth of cost-effective, value-added services previously not available to small businesses.

Better People

When you partner with TAG™-FAO, it’s like outsourcing your entire back-office process to a professionally-trained TEAM of financial and accounting experts. The day-to-day financial and accounting operations of your business are handled by TAG™ Account Reps who ensure a flawlessly streamlined process. Because we interact with your business every day, we can proactively identify opportunities to improve your cash flow and save you money. Your TAG™-FAO team runs the software and does all of your transaction processing, providing your small business with these benefits:

Better Software

Using a world-class Microsoft ERP operating system solution, TAG™-FAO effectively manages and monitors the financial and accounting aspects of your business remotely. No investment in expensive licenses. No extended implementation periods. No training required. Easily view transactions occurring within the last 24 hours and access your business activity anywhere, anytime, using our online portal. TAG™-FAO is truly all the benefits of an enterprise class system at a small business price:

Better Processing

TAG™-FAO reduces the amount of business “clutter” and efficiently streamlines your businesses’ day-to-day-operations. The TAG™ team does all your financial data entry and all of your transaction processing, including invoicing, accounts receivable, banking, and reconciliations of vendor bills.  Customers simply “plug-in” and operate using a simplified, consistent, and accurate online portal to view financial information in a real-time fashion.  Benefits to the small business owner include:


Simply Faster solutions to small business accounting, purchasing, invoicing, billing, bookkeeping, time tracking


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