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Finance and Accounting Outsourced: Transforming Small Businesses

Small Buisness virtual bookkeepingStated simply, TAG™-FAO is the administrative back-office engine running profitable, growing small businesses today.

The TAG™-FAO Solution is founded on the belief that small business owners’ valuable time and resources are best invested directly in propelling business growth. Everything we provide in terms of products and services were created to equip small business with big business expertise - affordably.

CFO-level oversight at a small business price

TAG™ provides customers a dedicated team of expert financial professionals to assist your business at significantly less cost than your in-house finance and administrative support staff.  Because our people are interacting with your business every day, and because our mutual work environments are maintained together by our people with your small business' management team, we can proactively identify opportunities to save you money and improve your cash flow.

World-class software

TAG™-FAO provides customers a world-class Microsoft ERP solution as the operating system to run your business transactions. The best part is that our people run the software, your staff does not have to operate it.  No investment in licenses, extended implementation periods, or training required.  With the web-based TAG™ Business Cloud, you can access your company's business activity anywhere, anytime, and easily view transactions occurring within the last 24 hours.

Streamlined, accurate processing

Combining electronic document management and standardized routines and reporting, the TAG™-FAO Solution eliminates much of the business “clutter” that can slow a company down. Our customers simply “plug-in” and operate in a simplified and streamlined business environment.

Our customers take comfort in knowing their business transactions are monitored and processed by a fully-insured, highly-trained and dedicated professional team. Processing transactions for our customer companies is all we do. We have to be good.

What does it mean to the small business owner?

TAG™-FAO replaces internal finance, accounting, and administrative overhead by combining proven technologies and professional staff in a simplified work environment to process transactions faster, more accurately, and at significantly less cost to our customers.  This provides small businesses with a transformed work environment with built-in controls and best practices for more freedom to focus on managing and growing the business.

You will maintain total control of your business operations while safely and securely outsourcing the accounting and bookkeeping minutiae to a remote team of financial professionals.

Your business running with TAG™-FAO

Your TAG™ Account Rep will help you develop a customized, automated reporting template (and reporting cycle), providing you with real time access to your financial records and reports. The TAG™ Business Cloud automates your document storage and retrieval process – archiving contracts, paper invoices, receipts and any other paperwork. You maintain complete control and access to your information every step of the way, and we provide expert consulting and guidance in every aspect of finance. Easily access your account rep via the TAG™ Cloud, email or telephone. On-site consultations are available as needed.

Simply Faster solutions to accounting, purchasing, invoicing, billing, bookkeeping, time tracking. TAG™, we’re it.

Contact our online small business accounting experts today to restore your profit generating business functionality.
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Discover Services

Accounts Payable Services:

  • Scan vendor invoices
    • Code invoices
    • Match invoice to P.O.
    • Match goods receipts
    • Variance alerts
  • Schedule invoice for payment
  • Route for approval
  • Cut checks
  • AP aging reports
  • Vendor questions
  • Account reconciliations
  • Vendor database and history
  • Issue 1099's

Accounts Payable Outsourcing

Keep budgets under control and standardize accounts payable processes.


Get a clear, readily accessible picture of spending throughout your entire supply chain.


On-demand and up-to-date oversight of business cash flow keeps your company informed of its financial situation.

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Accounts Receivable Services:

  • Draft customer bills
    • Multiple formats (inc. AIA)
    • Present for review/modification and approval
    • Submit bills
  • Monitor pending payments
  • Enter and apply payments
  • AR aging reports
  • Monthly statements
  • Customer questions
  • Account reconciliations
  • Customer database and history

Outsourced Accounts Receivable

Virtual bookkeeping service keeps your accounts receivable running smoothly and puts money into your business.


We will draft, send and monitor all outstanding bills.


Virtual account reconciliation services make sure your business receives the money it is owed.

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Project Management Services:

  • Job set-up templates
  • Enter projects
  • Project budgeting
  • Scheduling resources
  • Resource assignment
  • GL integration
  • Project equipment
  • Cost allocations
  • Labor EXP/Distribution
  • Employee utilization
  • Project billings
  • Revenue recognition
  • Bank account reconciliations
  • Contracts
  • Subcontracts
  • Submittal documents
  • Transmittal documents
  • Change orders
  • Reconcile project costs
  • Insurance certificates
  • Lien waivers
  • Collaborative environment
  • Treasury Services
  • Monitor line-of-credit and bank accounts

Focus on the Big Picture

Virtual project management takes care of all the small details, letting business owners concentrate on more important matters.


Outsourced project managers draw up a budget for your project and coordinate between all scheduled resources.


Look at the project as a whole, focus on the customer and make informed, strategic decisions about the project based on the best, current information.

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Treasury Services:

  • Monitor line-of-credit and bank accounts
  • Bank account reconciliations

Stay Financially Informed

We establish logical systems for reporting cash flow and reserves, letting you make informed business decisions


You will always know exactly how much money is available to your business.


Maintain the working capital required to ensure stability and liquidity for a fast-growing company.

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Payroll / Personnel Services:

  • Employee payroll
    • Direct deposit
    • Allocate payroll to project
    • Withholding deposits
    • Payroll tax returns
  • Report and pay employee benefits
  • Track vacation and time-off
  • Union/Prevailing wage payroll
    • Monthly union contribution report
    • Union deductions
    • Employer union burden amounts
    • Union reporting
  • Issue W-2’s
  • Employee manuals
  • HR resource

Outsourced Payroll Services

Our experts handle your payroll, including all IRS regulations and union contributions.


All payroll taxes are paid on time without inaccuracies or late fees.


We report on and pay employee benefits, track vacation and time-off and issue W-2 forms.

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Operational Management Services:

  • Electronic document management
  • Project performance v. budget
  • Payment application & collection
  • Missing information alerts

Streamline Business Operations with Outsourced Services

Use our powerful suite of operational management services to maximize efficiency and improve your business’s long term profitability.


Electronic document management services capture, index and store of all the information entering or being created by your organization.


Receive customizable, detailed project budgets with a full accounting for all variables involved.

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Financial Reporting Services:

  • Fixed asset reporting and depreciation
  • Adjusting journal entries
  • Financial “Dashboards”
  • Accounts inquiries

Cloud Based Bookkeeping Services

Financial reporting services keep you up-to-date on your financials from anywhere, at any time.


See a detailed snapshot of your current sales, expenses and budgets, broken down by item class, region and more.


Cloud based accounting software makes information available 24/7 through our business portal.

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External Compliance Services:

  • Financials for external review/audit and tax return preparation
  • State sales tax returns
  • Personal property tax returns

Accounting Review Service

We review your books, front to back, identifying and resolving potential tax issues in advance.


We’ll comb your records for inconsistencies and root out the problem.


We make sure you pay exactly what you owe and not a penny more.

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Additional Services:

  • Project/consulting services
    • Process improvement
    • Cost reduction
    • Financial forecasting and projections
    • Tax planning

Online Financial Consulting

Process review lets your finance and accounting department run as efficiently as possible, reducing departmental costs.


We’ll give you a snapshot of your company’s financial status, letting you plot the best course for the foreseeable fiscal future.


Get the financial and accounting expertise of a Fortune 500 company at rates your small business or startup can afford.

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Purchasing Services:

  • Requisitions
  • Purchase orders
  • Receipts

Expert Purchasing Operations Management for Small Business

Web-based platform gives all department heads a single access point, improving purchase authorization workflow.


Purchase requisitions and orders are generated the moment they’re needed.


Purchasing data links directly to accounts payable, giving you an immediate snapshot of how money flows through your company.

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Inventory Services:

  • Receipts
  • Issues
  • Adjustments
  • Physical count support
    • Review
    • Tags
    • Count entry
    • Reconciliation

Inventory Tracking and Management Service

Inventory reporting is handled through a single point of access, linked directly with accounts receivable and payable.


Centralized data source helps you identify issues as they arise.


Physical count review and tagging provide maximum accuracy during the inventory audit.

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Field Services:

  • Service call
  • Dispatch
  • Invoicing

Cloud-Based Accounting with In-Person Support

TAG™-FAO is based in the heart of the USA, so we’re a quick flight to all of our customers nationwide.


If you’re drowning in a backlog of paperwork, TAG™-FAO will get you back on track.


Small business F&A solutions provide Fortune 500-level backroom service

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