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Big Business Finance and Accounting Service at Small Business Fees

Virtual Bookkeeping Service Fees

From start-ups to larger small businesses, at TAG™-FAO we understand the finance and accounting activities of every business vary – which is why many of our fees are based on a pay-as-you-go model where price is driven by the volume of transactions. This model gives your business the flexibility to scale up or down based on your changing business needs and services used. Because our accounting and finance experts interact with your business on a daily basis, we can proactively identify opportunities to improve your cash flow and save you money.

The bulk of transactional (variable) costs include operations, banking, payroll, and labor services. Non-routine transactions, like projects and consulting, can be packaged into monthly flat fee operations. Some companies opt for a complete flat monthly fee when operating within certain volume parameters.

Inputs comprising the monthly TAG™ fee structure proposal include:

No matter what products and services your business needs, the TAG™ goal remains the same: to equip your small business with big business expertise – affordably!  TAG™-FAO will save your small business 50% or more on your finance, accounting, and administrative overhead, putting the savings directly to your bottom line.

Simply Faster solutions to small business accounting, purchasing, invoicing, billing, bookkeeping, time tracking

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