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Online Financial Data Security: Neglect at your Peril

Virtual bookkeeping service with online data protectionAt TAG™, the security, accuracy, and confidentiality of your company’s financial information is our highest priority.

How does TAG™ ensure my company data is secure?

The TAG™ Business Cloud is accessed securely online, eliminating the need to install and run the application on the customer’s own computers. This not only simplifies system maintenance, it simplifies system support. TAG™ utilizes industry-standard SSL encryption over the internet, to ensure optimal security of client data for each and every transaction. Financial transactions between the TAG™ clearinghouse and partner financial institutions are encrypted using industry standard security protocols. Customer data is password protected and segregated, providing each customer with a unique portal to access data.

How does TAG™ protect data?

TAG™ utilizes Venyu data backup to protect your data. All information is stored securely in redundant geographic data centers across the country. This provides data protection even in the event of a site or regional disaster. Data service can be restored within 12-24 hours in the event of a site disaster and within 24-48 hours of a regional disaster. Although the probability of either of these disasters is extremely low, TAG™ wants to ensure optimal safety of your data in any circumstance. The recovery process is completed by activating a hot site for the entire TAG™ system.

Where is your data being stored?

TAG™ houses on-site backups as well as offsite backups. Your data is also backed up to Venyu facilities to ensure your information is protected even in the unlikely event of a site or regional disaster.



System Requirements:

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