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Frequently Asked Questions about TAG™-FAO

TAG™-FAO is a cloud-based finance and accounting service providing small businesses an affordable alternative to a conventional in-house finance and accounting back office. Our outsourced financial and accounting services include payroll, CFO oversight and employee time tracking, all designed to free small businesses from the distracting minutiae and considerable expense of these tasks, thereby enabling greater focus on their core objectives.

Unlike other finance and accounting outsource companies, TAG™-FAO is based entirely in the United States. From our corporate offices to our data centers and customer support departments, every employee of TAG™-FAO is based in the United States. You will never have to worry about dealing with drastic time zone differences and non-native English speakers when you outsource your finance and accounting with TAG™.

While the concept of an outsourced back office is not new, many businesses in the US are still unfamiliar with it and have questions about how it works. Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about outsourcing small business finance and accounting to TAG™. If you do not find the answer to your question here, please feel free to contact our expert staff for an answer.

For other questions, please contact our virtual accounting for small business specialists.

TAG™ provides both on-site and off-site redundant backups by two separate providers, one primary, and the other secondary. Customers gain secure access to their accounting and financial data using industry standard SSL encryption over the internet.

Upon notice of termination of services, we will take the next 30 days to work with customers to transition into legacy or newly acquired systems and ensure the process is as smooth as possible.

You will be assigned a primary Account Rep and support team once contracts are signed and before the conversion process begins. You will always have one of three Account Reps familiar with your business readily available during operating hours.

Existing support staff can serve as point of contact for TAG™ within the client firm, and will also have the potential to be re-assigned to production, sales or customer support roles. This is an opportunity to assess existing personnel and retain high performers who can apply their energy elsewhere to support business growth.

Nothing more than a computer, internet access, and a high speed / high volume scanner. Your existing computer or tablet can access the TAG™ Business Portal 24/7 through the cloud. No other software is installed on your computers. TAG™ effectively manages and monitors the financial and accounting aspects of your business remotely.

Outsourcing the tasks associated with finance, accounting, and administration can reduce overhead costs, reduce DSO, improve cash flow, minimize clerical and bookkeeping errors, provide greater clarity for decision-making, improve job scheduling and costs, and increase project profitability. Your company becomes much more focused on your current clients, production efficiencies, and/or new business development. Transactional financial and project-related data is processed efficiently and accurately for a streamlined work environment.

The amount of accounting savings will depend upon your current support environment. In general, TAG™-FAO services are provided at roughly 50% of the cost of traditional in-house finance and accounting infrastructure – including hours of time by owners/partners devoted to these activities.